Laissez les bons temps rouler

That’s right, the good times. I can hardly believe I am typing those words. It has been a really long road for me, but lately everything seems to be coming together. I thrive on having a schedule, although if asked I would never admit to it. haha  Between teaching, the kids, swim practice, church and everything else in between, I am so much happier when I am busy. Give me a day or two of nothing to do and I am a total slug!

Anyway, I’ve been tackling some tasks that are a little foreign to me. My car alerted me that it needed antifreeze. So I found the correct hole and measured what little was left. Bought the antifreeze and filled it up. This may sound like absolutely nothing, but honestly 15 years ago I could not raise the hood of my Thunderbird. Someone driving by stopped to help me.

Yesterday the pipe under the kitchen sink tore apart. I found where it had broken lose, cleaned out the pipe and put it back together. Even put some caulking stuff around it in case it wanted to leak again. This is truly scary stuff.

I’ve been swimming and I LOVE being in the water. We are able to swim at least three times a week and I have definitely found my latimus dorsi. I feel so good and have even dropped some weight. My focus has been to move away from processed foods and eat more whole foods. I will say that has been a little challenging, but I am going to conquer it!

Overall, I would say that I am the happiest I have been in a really long time. In the past, I’ve felt like I have just been barely keeping myself above the water. Now I feel like I am floating the river of life 🙂 I know that it will not stay all rainbows for long, but just to have a sense of accomplishment is so rewarding. (Did I tell you I also started my last Master’s class on Saturday? I will officially have my Master’s Degree in May!!!)




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