A Balancing Act…Mom, Teacher, and Single

Hmmm…I have thought before about starting a blog. The main reason is just to get some thoughts out of my head and out to whomever might want to listen. Being with children pretty much 24/7, they sometimes don’t quite understand my POV. 🙂

About me. I am the mother of three beautiful, healthy and active children. All under the age of 11. I just finished my 13th year of teaching, the majority of that in first grade. I am also single. After 15 years of marriage, I find myself thrust back into the dating game and I have to admit, it’s not been too much fun. More about that later.



4 thoughts on “A Balancing Act…Mom, Teacher, and Single

  1. ajcoleman13 says:

    As a single father, I can certainly relate to you. It’s not easy, but life is not meant to be easy either. Looking forward to your posts. All the best, AJ

  2. Look forward to more! I totally understand the difficulties…and learning how to do things out of your normal comfort zone. I’m a single dad of four – two girls and twin boys. That’s made for a diverse set of challenges but we’ve weathered them all so far. I’m sure you’ll do the same!

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